Sony Smartphones Updating to Android N

Xposed Framework on android n
Xposed Framework on android n

List of Sony Smartphones Updating to Android N (7.0 Nutella)

Google I/O 2016 has just kicked off and we have brand new information regarding the next major Android release. When should you expect the Android N update on your device? HTC is the first out of the gate, confirming the update for three devices. This is what we know so far.

Sony usually lags behind the other major manufacturers when pushing out updates. Ahead of its Android Marshmallow rollout, Sony advised: “Sony Mobile is working hard to bring this update to as many of [its recent Xperia] devices as possible in a timely manner,” but was unspecific on dates.

When will the Android N update be released?

We expect to see Android N appear in final form in the late summer. It will replace Android Marshmallow, which many of you are still waiting for. Currently, you can install the Android N Developer Preview on supported Nexus devices. some major manufactures are also are about to release the android 7.0 update for their smartphones.

Given Sony’s recent past, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a Sony device updated to Android N before the start of 2017.

Having said that, Sony is working together with Google on this one, and the Xperia Z3 can already receive the Android N Developer Preview – the only non-Nexus device currently in such a privileged position – so perhaps our hopes can be a little higher.

Sony Smartphones Updating to Android N (7.0 Nutella)

Accourding to the point of view of Sony it will be releasing the android n i.e android 7 probably nutella update for the for the following Devices:

  • Sony xperia Z5 premium .
  • Sony xperia Z5
  • Sony xperia Z5 compact .
  • Sony xperia C5 Ultra
  • Sony xperia C4
  • Sony xperia M5
  • Sony xperia M4 Aqua

As of now the full list has not been confirmed for the devices but keep visiting the page for the further updates.

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