[Cm14] Official Cyanogenmod 14 for Samsung Galaxy J2 based on Android N [Nougat]

[Cm14] Official Cyanogenmod 14 for Samsung Galaxy J2 based on Android N [Nougat]
[Cm14] Official Cyanogenmod 14 for Samsung Galaxy J2 based on Android N [Nougat]

Hi guys in this post we will be sharing the official cyanogenmod 14 aka cm14 for  Samsung Galaxy J2. since the android marshmallow i.e cm13 was available for the device. So there are high chances for the cm14 to be available for the Samsung Galaxy J2.

Mind you, the Cyanogenmod 14 isn’t an official name, neither is its abbreviated version CM14, but we’re sure the next version of Cyanogenmod will be CM14, because we just know it. It was CM12 for Android 5.1, Cm13 for Android 6.0, so the next logical version for next Android update, Nougat, is CM14.

Well, Cyanogenmod ROM is the most popular ROM out there, one that also serves as silent base for countless other ROMs. It’s been a window of hope for those looking to get stock Android UI on their device, especially when OEMs take the life out of UI by imposing their own massive and boring, not to mention ugly, custom skins.

All this takes some time.

Let’s take an example. A real one. For Cyanogenmod 13, which was based on Android 6.0, it took nearly over one and a half month.

Google started rolling out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update on October 5 last year, and uploaded it to AOSP the same day too. But it was only on November 24 that Cyanogen team released their first build of CM13. So, that’s around 1 month and 20 days it took CM team to fork out their first CM13 build for selected devices, while most of the devices receiving CM13 support only later on.

We can expect similar release gap between AOSP release of Nougat and CM14’s release. If Google manages to release the Android 7.0 Nougat by October first week, expect CM14 to release by mid- to end-of-November. In case Nougat comes earlier, we expect CM14 to drop earlier too.

 [Cm14] Official Cyanogenmod 14 for Samsung Galaxy J2 based on Android N [Nougat]

[Cm14] Official Cyanogenmod 14 for Samsung Galaxy J2 based on Android N [Nougat]

Why CM14?

Well, that’s one pretty obvious, and easy to explain.

First up, because you and us all adore stock UI — the UI that is envisioned by Google for Android — more than any other custom UI from OEMs. Other than that, there are host of cool features and theme options that swing our hearts towards CM14.

Do share your ‘CM FTW! reason’ in the comments section below.

If you ever used a Nexus device, you know what stock UI feels like — it’s a lot pleasing, and beautifully implemented, than what Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s Sense, LG’s LG UI, or any other OEM UI gets you.

That told, know that Motorola doesn’t stick its own UI anymore on its devices, and rather has opted for the stock UI, which is one solid plus point when recommending Moto devices, apart from the fact that it also allows the company to release BIG Android updates way before the likes of Samsung and LG for most of its devices.

Stock UI is the deal here — the true beauty really! Animations are super fluid, latest UI features from latest OS upgrade are put to best use, and above all, it just looks cool. Which is why most of the Android Pros you will meet will be sporting a Nexus, and not the latest flagship from Samsung, LG, HTC, etc. — especially, now that Nexus devices too sport superior hardware (here’s looking at you Nexus 6P).

Cyanogenmod 14 for Samsung Galaxy J2

So, the thing that you have been waiting for – Download links

Official cyanogenmod for Samsung Galaxy J2

Android nougat gapps : Click here

Keep checking the links for the updates, downloads will be available once the these have bee uploaded.

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