List of Best Top Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy s7 & s7 Edge

Top Roms for Samsung galaxy s7 & s7 Edge
Top Roms for Samsung galaxy s7 & s7 Edge

List of Best Top Custom ROMS for Samsung Galaxy s7 & s7 Edge

Hi guys , in this post i will be sharing with you some of the Best custom Roms for you Galaxy s7 & s7 Edge. The list of Roms shown in this post are tested by me and has been included in the post because of the fact that they have great potential in them regarding the aspects of performance and battery life and several other parameters like screen on time (SOT) etc.

WARNING: Any damage to your phone, loss of data or any other problems faced by you while installing Custom ROMs on your device are your responsibility. The developer of the ROM or Geekwarning should not be held responsible.

So ,The Best Top Custom ROMS for Samsung Galaxy s7 & s7 Edge are :

Nyssa Nexus Rom:

This version of the rom is fully customizable with all the mods present, with all the Samsung apps to choose from in Aroma. This Rom Gives the User “THE CLEANEST EXPERIENCE”


Heavily Debloated
Nyssa Nexus S ODEXED
Nyssa Nexus C DEODEXED
Advanced Reboot Menu

Superman Rom:

Superman rom For galaxy s7 and s7 edge is also based on latest 935FXXU1APF2 Base. it is prerooted which means you dont have to flash file to get root access. this also comes with several other features such as :

  • Busybox
  • Aroma installer
  • Full edge support
  • xopsed framework
  • viper4android Etc

Firepower Rom:

This Rom is also a power packed rom with a plethora of features installed within it. some of then are listed below:

  • Pre-rooted with Super-Su v2.76
  • Pre-installed BusyBox
  • Xposed v85.1
  • Soundmod v16 &v17
  • Kernel Chooser (S7Flat,S7Edge,JesseKernel)
  • 5-way Reboot Menu
  • Deodexed & Debloated but all the functions are intact
  • Build.prop & System Optimizations
  • Custom Boot Splash
  • ROM Control

Firepower Rom:

This is a Stable ROM with lot of customizations and custom feathers, but free of bugs, battery friendly, not consuming extra resources (CPU, RAM). Based on G930FXXU1APF2 stock firmware. No EDGE functions supported, but fit better to our device.Only KNOX related stuff removed. All other stock application on place (I don’t know what you need and what need not).

Flux Rom:

This is one of the best deodexed Rom and is heavily debloted with a lot of edge apps and advanced Reboot Menu and is scarily fast and some of the features of this rom are :

  • Scarily fast
  • Latest BTU firmware APEQ
  • Heavily Debloated
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Edge Apps
  • 6thGear TWSwipe
  • Reboot Menu
  • C5 Smart Manager
  • New Beta N5 MyFiles
  • New Beta N5 Messaging
  • New Beta N5 Music Player
  • New Beta N5 Dialler / InCallUI
  • New Beta N5 SNote
  • New Beta N5 Memo
  • New Beta N5 Gallery
  • New Beta N5 Video App
  • New Beta N5 Video Player

That’s all for now guys . for any other information you can contact us via the comments section below.