{updated}The Best list of Android Marshmallow Mods

List of Android Marshmallow Mods
List of Android Marshmallow Mods

Best list of Android Marshmallow Mods

The Xposed Framework was just recently made available for Android Marshmallow, but everything isn’t quite back to status quo just yet. Sure,some Xposed modules function properly, but others are a bit buggy, and several don’t even work at all. This is mostly a result of changes to the Android system that Lollipop modules relied upon, and such modules will need to be updated for Marshmallow compatibility, so here we present hte list of  Android Marshmallow Mods  working partialy working and not working at all.

While an official build of Xposed framework for marshmallow 6.0 is not yet available,But no worries XDA Dev Rovio built  unofficial version of Xposed framework for android marshmallow 6.0 and lollipop.You can download and install Xposed framework in your android marshmallow 6.0 from here.After installing Check out.

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Top 10 Android Marshmallow Mods

List of Android Marshmallow Mods
List of Android Marshmallow Mods

1.Advance Power Menu (APM+)

With this xposed module, you can add, remove and reorder item in power menu of your device. This mode is supported by all TouchWiz, AOSP, CM13 and Xperia ROMs.The module has an Anti Theft option which protects your phone from thieves. It disables menu items from the lock screen and protects the menu items with passwords.

Download: Advance Power Menu (APM+)


Greenify helps you to check out all the apps which are misbehaving in your device and put them into hibernation when not in use which in result  helps the device from lagging and eating up the battery.



Xuimod is a collection of different animation which lets you change the default system animation to custom animation of scroll bar,toasts,and many more etc.

Download: XuiMod

4.YouTube AdAway  

Through YouTube Ad Away Module you can remove youtube Ads while playing online video on YouTube.

Download:YouTube AdAway


This module makes it possible to customize nearly every aspect of the OS according to the liking of the user. Some of the features present in the framework include Pie controls from CyanogenMod, Expanded desktop, Quick Settings customization, lock screen tweaks, Google launcher tweaks and more.Since GravityBox allows for such a high level of customization, it only works with AOSP or near AOSP based ROMs.

Download:Gravity Box


Using this module you can disable the app to start automatically every time you boot your device. Just install the Xposed module and tap on the apps you wish to exclude. The app will mark these apps as red and next time you boot the phone, they will not be executed.hence Your device boot up time will be decreased.

Download: BootManager

7.Network Speed Indicator

Through this Xposed module You can monitor the speed of your internet or Wifi connection right above on the top of the status bar.The module will show you the upload and download speed you are getting on the particular Wi-Fi or data network. The position, style and the units can be configured making the experience even better.

Download:Network Speed Indicator

8.App Settings

This is a module which can change general settings to all apps at the same time.

For example, if you would like to restrict your reading app to open in portrait mode, with minimum brightness and mute the media volume, you can apply all these settings using the App Settings Module and they will be automatically applied when you launch the app.

Download: App Settings

9.Screen Filter

If you loves to reed on your Android tablet or Mobile device then this module is for you as it helps in decreasing the luminosity of your device screen which in result helps to use device in the dark without affecting your eyes.

Download:Screen Filter

10.Obb on SD

Module Obb on SD attempts to make it seamless – just enable module, reboot and move obb’s to SD card (to same folder: Android/obb) – that’s it. No need to enter any path or whitelist/blacklist any app. Do you want to only move Obb from Grand Theft Auto? Then only move that obb. Obb on SD will detect “obb on SD” and enable hooks only for this single game.

Download:Obb on SD 


List of  other Android Marshmallow Mods

So with some help from various contributors across the internet, we’ve started compiling a list of the state of many popular Xposed modules on Android 6.0. Since modules that hook directly into apps such as YouTube AdAway and Xposed GEL Settings haven’t been affected by the changes in Marshmallow, most all of them work and will not be listed here either way.

Fully Functional Android Marshmallow Mods

The following modules work without any major hiccups on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Modules that we’ve covered in the past link directly to their respective tutorials, while other links point to the Xposed Modules Repository.

Partially Working Android Marshmallow Mods

These marshmallow mods are either working for some users and not for others, or have a mix of functional and broken features.

Not Compatible Android Marshmallow Mods

These xposed modules are not working for Marshmallow at all. Keep an eye out for updates or further development for Android Marshmallow Mods

So far, it’s a mixed bag of Android Marshmallow Mods that work and don’t, but the compatible list should certainly grow in the coming weeks. Do you know the status of any modules that are missing from the list? Let us know in the comment section below.